Hi there!

I'm Evan, a UX generalist and product designer. I'm looking for mid-sr roles designing and testing products in data-driven agile team. Here are the big things I'm looking for in my next fulltime role:
- Other designers and UXers to learn from!
- A mission-driven company or non-profit
- In NYC (but not in midtown)

Until I find it, I'm available for freelance and contract work, so don't hesitate to get in touch via the sidebar options.

I have 7 years of UI/UX experience plus a fair amount of web development and little a product management sprinkled in. I also have 10+ years doing web, print and branding design as a freelancer and with agencies. I love being in the trenches with devs and PMs, building new products from scratch or improving existing ones. I can execute along the whole product design process, from research to prototyping to user testing to visual design, implementation and improvement.

As Sr. UX Designer at OrderGroove for the last year, I drove product design and development for the front end team with work with product owners and developers to build new features & optimize existing products for consumers, clients & internal. Also collaborated with other senior staff in client, sales, dev, data and product to advise product roadmap.

For the first half of 2016 I consulted at the NYC photo giant, B&H. There, I trained and guided a 9 person UX team transitioning to Jira and Sketch from older software. I also introduced lean UX methods to improve dev/design handoff. I optimized responsive design logic across the site, redesigned main nav header and live chat entry flow. I designed Google Analytics dashboards and best practices for analyzing post-deployment effectiveness of design changes, and redesigned dozens of static pages and features across the site.

Previously at The Orchard as Visual Designer for a music & film distribution workstation  with 15,000+ users. I Worked directly with stakeholders, product managers, Jr. designers and tech leads. I lead the complete redesign of all 100+ pages (twice), wrote and maintained UI style guide, concepted new products and features, and shipped cutting edge products for digital distribution.

The bulk of my experience as product designer has been collaborating with developers, stakeholders and users to refine UI and UX. In the last year I’ve been applying more advanced user research testing methodologies. I’m also adept at establishing best practices, creating style guides and helping designers learn new software (I’ve lead trainings in Sketch, Invision, Jira, and Google Analytics amongst others).

I’m also a great coworker! Supporting and being kind to my colleagues is something that comes naturally to me, and I tend to make friends in multiple departments. I make the world’s best guacamole, the world’s worst puns and I’m always down for a trivia night or after-work socializing. I’m also a good listener, love being proved wrong (i.e. learning things) and am far more interested in a making a great idea happen than in getting credit for it.

I live in Brooklyn with my fiancée and the Greatest Dog In The Universe. When I’m not designing, dancing or cooking, I’m probably doing something strenuous outdoors.